Up on a rooftop, or in a courtyard learning gardens are a great way to beautify a space while creating a learning environment outside the classroom. City Bees and Peas specializes in helping schools make this a reality. Let us help you find an engaging way to teach students how to calculate area and volume using their lettuce garden bed, or write a short story of life as a worm, maybe in Spanish!

All subjects across the school curriculum can be creatively taught using a garden, while instilling proper nutrition and healthy eating habits.

Benefits of A Learning Garden:
• alternative learning environment
• kinesthetic experience
• practical application of core subjects
• diverse teaching opportunities
• fosters positive attitudes
• hands-on experience with healthy food choices

School & Learning Gardens Help:
• promote positive learning experiences
• raise test scores and spirits
• spark creativity
• build school pride
• beautify the area
• inspire a healthy eating habits
• increase awareness and respect for nature
• promote physical activity to combat obesity
• teach the value and joy in physical work

City Bees and Peas Garden Services
Planning & Design:
We plan your garden based on your specific teaching needs, student body requirements, and available gardening space.

We use organic methods for our work and source plants and materials locally. Soil testing is done to ensure that the garden is free of contaminants. Soil amendments are added to provide proper conditions for optimal plant health and nutrition.

Routine & Seasonal Maintenance Plans:
A garden only thrives with regular care and maintenance. We can help you develop and maintain a maintenance plan based on budget, availability of staff, or parental assistance. 

Lesson Plan Development and Instruction:
Our school gardens are designed to serve many purposes. From topics in math and science, to the history of farming, any subject can be taught using a garden as a vehicle for hands-on learning.

City Bees and Peas provides standalone seasonal gardening programs and lessons, or we work with your educators to integrate gardening lessons into their existing curriculum. Contact us to set up a consultation.

Other School Program Examples